Parents – How can I help your teen?

Counselling for teenagers 

I bring flair and imagination to my counselling sessions by making them fun, creative, spontaneous, and we have a good laugh. No need for heavy stuff with your teen, they only roll their eyes anyway! I hold the space for them to express their views, thoughts and feelings and follow their lead, whilst weaving in my magic. They won’t even know its counselling. Believe me kids can spot a Dr Phil moment a mile away.

Solving Conflict in the Family 

I am very passionate about the child- parent relationship and feel that this is the most important relationship a person will have in their lives. Nurturing that and helping to heal your fractured relationships is an essential component of your mental health and ability to thrive and be happy. I know I have been there too. Parenting is hard and can leave you questioning everything you do!

Counselling Therapies for Teenagers 

I weave a combination of Solution- Focused therapy, Person-Centred therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and some Gestalt Therapy techniques into my sessions and good old common sense! There are always different pathways to tackle problems and issues they just need to be pinned down and nutted out.

Parent- Child Conflict 

I can work with you and your teen at different stages, separately, and together, to help to get to know and understand your own individual family dynamic. I can then help you with custom built solutions just for your family. Bringing your family back together is my aim, so let’s do it together!