Feb 2024

The Grieving Game

The grieving game…   How grief affects you can depend on how close you felt to the person who died. It can also depend on the role the person had in your life. If it was a grandparent that you did not see very often then you may be sad have a cry but be…

Feb 2024

Shame On You

Shame On You ! “You should be ashamed of yourself, I’m so disappointed in you  “. “What’s wrong with you ! “ “ You are a troublemaker !” “ You should not feel that way “ “ Your sister is better at that than you “ “ Are you having another ice cream  ?” “…

Feb 2024

Loving After Life

Loving After Life     “I’m truly sorry for your loss.”  He sat looking at me with a look of total surrender. That kind of look you get when you know that there is no where else to go psychologically and physically but right here , right now. I could sense   his big deeply  sad…

Jan 2024

How Do I Find My Passion in Life ?

Let  me taste tester …… world here I come !         I have had a number of jobs and careers  in my life . I think from the 90’s  onwards we were starting to see people experiment a lot more with courses, and pathways to careers. I remember when I was doing…