Jan 2024

How Do I Find My Passion in Life ?

Let  me taste tester …… world here I come !         I have had a number of jobs and careers  in my life . I think from the 90’s  onwards we were starting to see people experiment a lot more with courses, and pathways to careers. I remember when I was doing…

Jan 2024

You’re going to be ok darling , I love you.

  “You’re going to be ok darling , I love you” – Parenting My Inner Child . I count myself lucky. My childhood was not perfect by any means , but it was certainly a childhood where I felt loved and safe. My previous belief was that once you were an adult if you didn’t…

Jan 2024

Getting along with my teenager in 2024

Adolescence the very word strikes a shudder of fear and frustration down a weary time poor parent’s spine. I was the perfect teen of course lol …yeah ok its 2024 time to get real.     No, I wasn’t. The times I fought with my Mum could fill the MCG. I remember getting so frustrated…