Nov 2022

Psychosocial Disability, it’s a thing!

         Psychosocial  Disability  So whadda ya know! not only do we get a mental health diagnosis, but we also get recognised with a REAL LEGIT disability! Abou time. So, for all you out here who are suffering with an invisible disability such as Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder…

Nov 2022

Weather and Wellbeing,get me some freebies !

I always wonder with such a great climate here in Queensland how anyone can get the sads. For me living my life as a child in Wales we had little else but cold ferocious wind (spiteful and painful) and rain for 8 months of the year. If the sun came out every man and his…

Nov 2022

Traumatized Kids, What Are We Doing Now ?

I have a huge beef with the way we deal with at risk teens and children in our country and its time for change. Most of the children in foster care, the residential care system and in juvenile detention have come from trauma backgrounds. What does that mean?  First, I will define trauma, so we…

Nov 2022

Yes ,we can all get crazy !

So yeah , I have had some major mental health issues when I was younger . In fact if I think about it my whole family is crazy ….or has been at various stages of our existence . Th impact was enormous and the knock on effect to the rest of the family was a…