Dec 2017

My kid has social anxiety, what can I do ?

One of the hardest things to do when you child is suffering emotionally is to stay calm and find the energy, pace and fortitude to deal with their situation. It can be exhausting as a parent to continually be monitoring your child’s emotional regulation as well as trying your best to keep a handle on…

Dec 2017

Rewards and punishments and your teen

  My daughter said to me a while back, ” Mum do you realise  that rewarding us , for doing the right thing is much more of a motivator than punishment for not ?  A light bulb went off for me . Gee she is her mother’s daughter that one !  I had a think…

Dec 2017

Abuse must never be over shadowed by talent.

  We have heard a lot lately about  sexual harassment  and sexual misconduct in  the workplace, lately. The whole  status and reputation down fall of Harvey Weinstein , has helped to shift our consciousness around  power and status in the work force.  Once upon a time it was well known that some men in high…