May 2017

Grief and Teens : Moving out of that dark place….

Counselling teens can be difficult, messy, funny,  and rewarding on so many levels.  When a child is stuck in the throes of a protracted grief, it adds a new challenging dimension.  I have been counselling a boy who lost his Mum to cancer a few years ago. He was withdrawn, sad and uncommunicative. He sat…

May 2017

Grieving Teens- what can I possibly say ?

  Last week I had a roomful of sobbing teens after a sudden horrific death of one of their school friends. They converged on my room like a swarm of broken- hearted doves . What do you say ? There is nothing you can say that would not sound hollow or trite is there? Saying,…

May 2017

Oh no MY son is not a bully !

The Principal of my son’s school rang. Uggh. Boy, we all dread that, don’t we ? Not handing in his homework ? His head was stuck between the climbing frame and the bouncing jack ?Nope. He had been accused of ongoing bullying of another boy with some others boys. My son had been friends with…