Feb 2017
Lets get started !

Welcome to my blog everyone !
Every couple of weeks I hope to be able to post something that will be both helpful and entertaining for those of you who are looking for a little support with navigating the slings and arrows of life ! We all have times in our lives when we think that we just can’t get through another day. We come up against blocks or problems that we just cant seem to shake me included ! I don’t purport to have all the answers but just the act of sharing my own experiences can be a guide or a springboard moment of clarity in the soul !
Feel free to post your comments below new blogs I love to hear what people have to share. Together we are a minefield of inspiration, food for thought and nuggets of wisdom .
I will be including a lot of my own insights and experiences of relationships as well as my professional expertise in dealing with life’s problems . So join me !