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Sian Pryce  Youth / Family Counselling  is located on the Gold Coast. Sian Pryce  Youth Counsellor Gold Coast uses a variety of techniques to help clients find solutions to issues such as depression , anxiety, grief, and relationships struggles .  I work with both teens  and  adult individuals to manage and improve their  overall wellbeing

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Hi, I’m  Sian Pryce Gold Coast Counsellor

I have a deep passion for helping you to find out what it is YOU need to get your life back on track and find a sense of peace in your world.

Getting counselling is not weakness, or a lack of ability to solve your own problems, it means you have been struggling alone for too long. Sometimes we ruminate forever, but we never seem to get anywhere in making solid decisions and acting on them.  It’s time to share the burden with someone you trust. None of us are perfect, and sometimes, shame, guilt, confusion, sadness, and fear can drive us to stay with our situation because we just can’t see a way out of it. Trusting our instinct takes courage and sometimes that is hard to do, when we are too hurt and scared and lost.  There really is a way out though, isn’t there?

Being strong in the face of adversity means calling out for support, care, concern, and for ideas. I can be that person for you. I create a safe, secure, warm environment for you to share whatever you wish to share and together we will lead you out of pain, emotional and physical paralysis and into a better life.

                                                                                                                         Why chose me ? How am I different to other therapists ?  

  I   can support you between counselling sessions with text and phone support. I also can respond to crisis phone calls and I can schedule a session with short notice if available !


Five Stars

David Parker has just given your business a 5 star rating!

Hi Sian
I have self taught the zones of regulation, structure of the day on the fridge at home, for autistic kids, parents paying attention to the improvements that their child is making, not too much focus on the “bad” stuff etc.
I have found that I spend a lot of time with parents talking to them about parenting (nicely !!)
Todays seminar was excellent and is what I was after. Some particular great examples of the interventions that you use when working with these people. I will re watch the video. I look forward to any future seminars thankyou
Kind regards

We would recommend her highly

Sian Pryce is a wonderful Counsellor, who helped my sixteen year old daughter when she was first diagnosed with OCD and anxiety issues. My daughter felt comfortable in opening up to Sian about her struggles. She trusted Sian’s advice and this helped her to start recovery.
We would recommend her highly.

She went above and beyond

Sian was there for me in my darkest of times and really helped me turn my life around. She went above and beyond to continue to support me and made me feel that I had a voice and that I was not alone. I highly recommend Sian to anyone who is in need of help as she will truly change your life for the better.

Finally felt understood listened to and supported

I am 37 years old and I have seen a ridiculous number of psychologists over the last 20 years of my life trying to find some help for my mental health. I did not find that help. I spent the majority of my life suicidal, have experienced homelessness, drug addiction, severe postnatal depression, panic attacks and agoraphobia. To complicate that I am also Autistic and have ADHD. No-one could help. “Too hard basket”. So I gave up.
It was by luck I met Sian, and came to realise she was so incredibly knowledgeable with an in depth understanding of what seems like every aspect of the mind and human behaviour. Surely she could help me make sense of everything. She seemed like the most empathetic person I’d met in a long time so I decided to book a session. I tell you what, to finally feel understood, listened to, supported and actually have a plan of attack gave me so much hope. We pulled things apart and started making sense of things, questioned things, we had an actual plan, and made enormous progress. This woman is a gift from God. Without her I wouldn’t be here, living and loving life. I wish it didn’t take so long to find her. Thankyou Sian.
Peta Brennan



Genuinely helped

Sian is an amazing therapist and has genuinely helped me improve my mental health. I can easily connect with her and I would recommend her to anyone that is seeking counseling 💕 Alicia

Instant Connection

Our 14yr daughter felt an instant connection with Sian & felt comfortable opening up to her. With Sian’s help our daughter is now consistently doing so much better with managing her emotions & thoughts. We are so very grateful to Sian! JkatP

Very Grateful

Hi lovely Sian, I was just telling my mum about how wonderful you were for E and saying how I intend to do a google review for you. Selfishly I hadn't done it yet in fear of not being able to book E in with you if the need arises in the future, because you would no longer have any availability. 
E has been doing consistently much better thankfully. I feel she is often still a hairs breath away from an emotional melt down (feeling overwhelmed) but she has been able to pick her self up more quickly of late which is fantastic progress.  You were a god send for E.  We are still so very grateful. 🌻

I found Sian very approachable…

I found Sian very approachable and non judgemental. She truly assisted me during a particularly stressful time in my life when someone close to me was battling a drug addiction. Sian was able to offer both comfort and sound advice. I would highly recommend Sian to anyone that needed help, especially to teenagers and adults with addictions and mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

Mrs B

The best counselling in Melbourne .

The best counselling in Melbourne. Sian shows a very personal yet professional approach which made it so easy for me to trust her. 100% recommend!

Esther Yann
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Qualifications / membership / Affiliations, Bachelor of Arts, Graduate Diploma of Applied Psychology


    My Healthy Mind


    • “Something’s bothering me and I just can’t shake it!”
    • “I’ve got a dilemma. What do I do now?”
    • “I can’t talk to family or friends but I do need to talk!”
    • “I feel so tired, fed up, unmotivated, why am I struggling?”
    • “What is bugging me?”
    • “I’m so easily irritated, quick to anger, having trouble with sleep, eating, and just want to withdraw. Why? “
    • “None of my relationships seem to be working out, at home or work, what’s wrong with me?”


    • “I miss my loved one so much, I really need to share my feelings with someone who will listen and be able to help me through this painful transition. Why is grieving so hard?
    • I’ve been diagnosed with a mental illness, where to from here?
    • Our relationship is going downhill, what can we do to change it ?
    • Nobody understands what I am feeling, what should I do?