Talking with you :
My counselling style is psycho dynamic, person-centered and solution focused. This means it’s all about you! You are the expert in your life. You decide what we talk about, what direction you wish to take and what your goals are. What matters to you, is what matters to me. I will work alongside you on your recovery journey, without bias, judgement and with a warm, open-minded approach. Sometimes we carry around with us core beliefs and thoughts that work against well being and our ability to achieve goals and a sense of self-worth. These are the cognitive and psycho-emotional blocks that limit us and they can be changed! All of my sessions are custom-built to suit the needs of my client, young or old. It’s also an exploratory journey, trying out different evidenced based modalities, strategies and actions to find the best psycho therapeutic treatment plan for you. I counsel:

  • Parents and Children: Together and separately.
  • Parents and Adolescents: Together and separately.
  • Singles
  • Couples
  • Young adults
  • Older adults

Teen Talk :
Where lies my passion? : Teenagers and young adults. I have a great affinity with young people. I have spent my life working with and for children of all ages. I have found in recent years, whether it problems relating to friendship, school, bullying, relationships, parents, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, feeling sad , hopeless or angry , I am able to tap into the core issues and “nut it out” in a respectful, compassionate and non-judgmental way . Sharing your feelings and concerns is a brave start to empowering yourself and creating self-efficacy.
Teens and young adults have a need to be heard and supported. They are more than capable of delving into their issues with courage and insight and have the ability to foster their own workable solutions. I am right there with them to facilitate that!

Kid’s Talk :
Children sometimes find it difficult to articulate how they feel. Their emotions are strong and sometimes over whelming, but they do have the capacity for self – expression, and self-reflection .Often this can be facilitated through art therapy, drama therapy or other creative therapies Exploring emotions and feelings is very important and through various evidence based techniques, finding their voice can be empowering and therapeutic. I love to help them achieve this for them and their families.

Mental Health Talk :
Hey, we’re all crazy!
Depression, anxiety, worry, grief, loss, mood disorders, identity issues, isolation, hopelessness, lack of motivation, and stress can affect us all at some stage in  life. It’s normal! I believe that a caring nuanced approach to mental illness is imperative and there are always ways to manage stress so that mental health becomes our priority and our focus. Whether you need help with assessment and diagnosis or you have been diagnosed and just need management strategies, I can help.

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