Life brings us many experiences that can be destabilising and painful. They can bring fear, confusion, sadness,and constant worry, becoming so overwhelming we can then feel paralysed and unable to think clearly or do anything to help us to feel better.  Learning how to cope with the fallout and manage complex emotions is what I do best.

By catering to individual needs using a combination of Person- Centred Therapy, Solution- Focused Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy I can formulate a personalised treatment plan for you. CBT is an evidenced- based therapy that teaches you to re frame your thinking to change self-defeating thoughts and then behaviours that can create “fear blocks”.  Like a muscle you can train your thoughts to generatea positive sense of self, and outlook.This” muscle memory” gains traction when you commit to it, and overtime it   enables you to empower yourself to create momentum in life and achieve goals.  You can do it!

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