About Us

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Need to re-connect with your teen ?  Does your family need help with communication?  I can help ,call me today . Hi, I’m  teen and family counsellor, Sian Pryce – 0408120830.

Our first consultation is free, to assess your needs, and to get to know one another.

There is a saying ,”we are only ever as happy as our unhappiest child “.  Bringing your family back together is my goal. I specialise in teen issues  such as depression , anxiety, school issues, relationships , parenting, bullying,  and grief. I like to work with both teens and their parents  at different stages, separate and together, to assess the teen and family issues  and work out a practical  plan of action . I bring creativity and flair to my counselling style combined with a variety of evidence based therapeutic modalities to suit each client’s individual needs. Every person has a unique story, set   of circumstances, life experiences, values, and context. It is important to collaborate with other family members to recognise what is important to them to create the glue that brings them all together.  Family dynamic is an essential component to teen self worth and well-being.

Experience and qualifications

I am a registered psycho-therapeutic counsellor and I run a private practice in Bentleigh East , Moorabbin, and in-home for eligible clients.I  counsel  teenagers and their parents at local high schools. I have previously worked for Thriving Youth Victoria, a not-for profit organisation which helps teenagers struggling with mental health issues and as a telephone counsellor for Care Ring Victoria. I have an undergraduate degree that includes psychology and a post graduate degree in Counselling. I am also an accredited member of P.A.C.F.A.

I have worked with children and young adults teaching  drama and performance,for many years and have incorporated drama therapy techniques into my modality repertoire. This has helped me to relate to and assist people who have trouble with emotional expression and the challenges that come with that struggle in their lives. I am very passionate about the child- parent relationship and feel that this is the most important relationship a person will have in their lives. Nurturing that and helping to heal emotional wounds and fractured relationships is an important development in anyone’s mental health and ability to thrive and be happy.

First Consultation is free .  60 minute session.  Online Counselling available. 

In-home counselling available for eligible clients. 



What I do

I aim to empower you to create a better more meaningful , fulfilling life for you and your loved ones.


  • Psychotherapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Stress Management


  • “Something’s bothering me and I just can’t shake it!”
  • “I’ve got a dilemma. What do I do now?”
  • “I can’t talk to family or friends but I do need to talk!”
  • “I feel so tired, fed up, unmotivated, why am I struggling?”
  • “What is bugging me?”
  • “I’m so easily irritated, quick to anger, having trouble with sleep, eating, and just want to withdraw. Why? “
  • “None of my relationships seem to be working out, at home or work, what’s wrong with me?”

  • “I miss my loved one so much, I really need to share my feelings with someone who will listen and be able to help me through this painful transition. Why is grieving so hard?
  • I’ve been diagnosed with a mental illness, where to from here?
  • Our relationship is going downhill, what can we do to change it ?
  • Nobody understands what I am feeling, what should I do?
  • our-fees


    My fee is $85 .00 per session per individual which runs for 60 minutes. Couples are $150.00 per session for 60 minutes. All accounts must be paid on the day.


    Per individual

    $85 .00

    Per individual which runs for 60 minutes.

    For Couples

    $150 .00

    Couples are per session for 60 minutes.

    All accounts must be paid on the day.

    Please note there is no Medicare rebate for counselling sessions under a mental health care plan to date. However, the cost of my session is approximately equivalent to the out- of -pocket expense required by many health insurers.


    Sian:  0408120830,  Phone. 95041611