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  • “Something’s bothering me and I just can’t shake it!”
  • “I’ve got a dilemma. What do I do now?”
  • “I can’t talk to family or friends but I do need to talk!”
  • “I feel so tired, fed up, unmotivated, why am I struggling?”
  • “What is bugging me?”
  • “I’m so easily irritated, quick to anger, having trouble with sleep, eating, and just want to withdraw. Why? “
  • “None of my relationships seem to be working out, at home or work, what’s wrong with me?”

  • “I miss my loved one so much, I really need to share my feelings with someone who will listen and be able to help me through this painful transition. Why is grieving so hard?
  • I’ve been diagnosed with a mental illness, where to from here?
  • Our relationship is going downhill, what can we do to change it ?
  • Nobody understands what I am feeling, what should I do?
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    I found Sian very approachable…

    I found Sian very approachable and non judgemental. She truly assisted me during a particularly stressful time in my life when someone close to me was battling a drug addiction. Sian was able to offer both comfort and sound advice. I would highly recommend Sian to anyone that needed help, especially to teenagers and adults with addictions and mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

    Mrs B

    The best counselling in Melbourne .

    The best counselling in Melbourne. Sian shows a very personal yet professional approach which made it so easy for me to trust her. 100% recommend!

    Esther Yann


    Qualifications / membership / Affiliations, Bachelor of Arts, Graduate Diploma of Applied Psychology



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